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Based in London, U.K. we provide best in class bespoke project management services to a number of blue-chip clients worldwide.

Nokia, NeuLion, LiMo Foundation, Saffron Digital, Ixonos, etc. have all trusted us with complex and budget heavy projects.

We deliver value for money by providing the highest standards of project management, utilising our experienced and certified project managers to realise business benefits and deliver projects to time, budget and quality.

All projects are different in nature, we tailor our services to the exact need of our clients.

First we guide them through the final definition of the actual need. It’s so often we see projects getting green lit to solve a specific problem while the best solution for it is actually something else once we have dug a bit further. Sometimes the problem was just not what they thought it was initially and a completely different but valuable project starts.

Then we assist our clients during the whole execution of the project all the way through to completion. We intervene at any level required to best facilitate planning, implementation, tracking and reporting activities. We influence their teams in providing the best they have to deliver, driving efficiency up and fuelling innovation.

We believe that processes (even if so slightly or strongly applied) and communication are at the centre of any successful project. Our consultants are experts in both.

Our mission is to deliver positive impact to any project or programme we join, from the development teams to the board level executives.

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